What is faith?

Faith is the expression of the heart – the inner being. Faith is a state of the human spirit that accepts surrealism and which is not satisfied with the empirical reality.

In this sense, faith differs from religion, which, according to the Latin word “religare”, implies the connection of a man with a higher sense. Faith is a belief in things and phenomena which are not visible and are explanatory. Faith is trust, a personal relationship, an existential relationship between God and a man.

Faith is the same as love. We can not believe in someone if we do not love him, and if we do not love someone, we can not trust him. Faith is the opening and giving of itself to another, life with the other. Faith cannot be imposed but must be chosen by free will. A man has the free will that God has given him, so he decides whether to believe or not.

Heart meeting God

When we talk about faith, the question arises as to the tendency of the human heart to meet God, who is always present. This man’s aspiration exists because God is a notion that should explain the meaning of existence, from where we come and who we are, and as such is peculiar to man, for he wants to understand the meaning of his appearance.

The deepest cry of a human being is a cry for God and another human being. Only when it is in relation to another, man becomes a complete being. A man who is self-sufficient and self-contained is an unfinished man. There is also fear of the other. God reveals himself to man in various ways, and he can accept or reject this revelation.

Heart meeting God


Knowing God

God presents himself to us indirectly and directly, in different ways. Knowing God must be preceded by transformation, the cleansing of our mind, heart, twill, senses. God is best known in the liturgy, because we unite with Him, and then in prayer. True faith gives meaning to life.

Many today interpret faith and understand it as a retreat and escape from reality. In the name of false and sick faith, many hate, do evil to others, destroy, and they don’t build. Such faith takes away all the meaning. Healthy faith orientates a human being, gives meaning to life, work, and relationships harmonize those relationships with God, as well as with fellow humans, friends, and enemies.