Welcome to our official Public Churches Association site. You can find us in the city of Smyrna that is in Cobb County in Georgia, United States, and in any of our churches. We welcome everyone to take a part in our community and connect to people around us.


We are a public charitable organization that is directed to all people who are interested in our work, helping those in need and creating a safe, productive and inspirational environment for people to nurture their interests, friendships, community, and family.

We publish several magazines, annual books, we have poetry and other artistic events, we also have a choir, and our goal is to make education accessible, to create opportunities for people.

Trough our churches, you can easily and simply organize your wedding ceremony, baptism, and funerals. We offer various programs of consulting and guidance for people, couples, and families.

Humanitarian actions
We encourage anyone to take part in the improvement of a community as an advisor, volunteer… We organize numerous programs in order to help those who may be in need.


Helping people get an education and be involved in their community, strengthen family values, and connecting people through volunteer charity work. We do this through various youth programs and camps, choir activities, exchange, and educational programs, with help of people around us.

Community Partners

There are many organizations in the Atlanta area that support our non profit. We are proud to have the support of our community partners:

Advanced Urology

M&M Home Exteriors

Legion Landscaping




Here you can find various articles not only about religion regarding its history, meaning, Bible interpretations but also about our programs, other churches, charity work. There are also articles that can help you with guidance through various different periods of your life.